Blueberry, vanilla frozen dessert on a chocolate fudge brownie crust

A simple but satisfying dish. The miso in this adds a rich, lightly fermented and salty flavor, but you can leave it out if it’s not readily available.


For the brownie
2T soft, dried dates, pitted and chopped
3T walnuts (reserve 1t chopped walnuts for garnish)
1t red miso
2t lemon juice
1.5T cocoa (I use a fairly trade, Dutch processed brand)
A pinch sea salt

For the bananas
2 small frozen bananas (about 1 cup)
1t lemon juice
1t white pickling vinegar
2t sweet white miso
1/4t vanilla extract
Agave nectar, maple syrup, dates, or stevia to taste

For garnish
1/4 cup blueberries (I use frozen, but fresh would be fine)
1t chopped walnuts (as noted above)

Optional: Add 1t maca powder to the bananas for a
decadent breakfast. Add 2T coconut oil to the bananas and double the brownie recipe for a dessert.


Make the brownie, then the bananas. In a small food processor, grind the brownie ingredients to a crust consistency (it will start to ball up). Flatten out into a 3″ circle. Let dry covered with a clean tea towel for 1 hour, turning once.

For the bananas, puree the ingredients until smooth. Sweeten to taste. Plate the brownie. Scoop the bananas onto the brownie. Sculpt a flat surface on top, add the blueberries, sprinkle with walnuts, and serve.

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