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Commentary #1: Vegetarianism as a “Gateway” to Veganism?

In this first Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione discusses whether we should promote vegetarianism as a “gateway” to veganism. His response: “I conclude that the answer is ‘no.’ The bottom line: if you are a vegetarian, you are still complicit in animal suffering; you are still complicit in animal killing. If you regard animals as […]

Commentary #2: “Pets”

In this second Abolitionist Approach Commentary, Prof. Francione explores the issue of “pets,” and addresses the following question: Does the institution of pet ownership violate animals’ basic right not to be regarded as things? This question is also found in the Appendix of Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?

Commentary #3: On Michael Vick

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione explains why he thinks the Michael Vick matter is not really about Michael Vick or dog fighting. It is about fundamental moral principles that we claim as a society to accept.