If you embrace nonviolence


“If the principle of nonviolence means*anything*, it means that you cannot justify *any* killing or suffering for transparently frivolous reasons such as pleasure, amusement, or convenience. And doing something ‘with compassion’ that is not morally justifiable does not change the fact that it’s morally unjustifiable.

When you decide what you want to eat, wear, or use, you are not acting under any sort of compulsion. You are simply indulging your palate pleasure, sense of fashion, etc., or allowing what is convenient to trump the interests of another sentient being.

So if you embrace nonviolence and you are not vegan, you need to think about what is unquestionably a serious inconsistency.”

~ Gary L. Francione

Veganism and Nonviolence



The notion that we can be “kind”


“Until animal advocates react with as much outrage to the promotion of ‘happy’ exploitation as we all react to the promotion of ‘happy’ pedophilia, there will be no real animal rights movement.”

~ Gary L. Francione

Excerpt from: “Humane” and “Compassionate” Pedophilia


Nonhuman animals have the fundamental moral right


Video: Animals as Property


Professor Francione argues that the property status of animals renders meaningless animal welfare laws that prohibit the infliction of “unnecessary” suffering and require the “humane” treatment of nonhumans. Professor Francione’s book, Animals, Property, and the Law (Temple University Press, 1995), provided the first legal analysis of the property status of animals and was described by Tom Regan as a “work of unquestionable historic importance.”



Once you decide


Ingrid Newkirk on Principled Veganism: “Screw the principle”


If you believe animals matter morally

Veganism is about nonviolence


“Someone wrote to me and said that a welfarist who promotes ‘cage-free”’eggs and other forms of ‘happy exploitation’ suggested that the abolitionist approach was limited and did not provide an effective program for change while welfare reform had a wider and more effective effect.

I would call that nonsense but it would be an offense to nonsensical things.

Think about it.”

~ Gary L. Francione

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All sentient beings are morally equal


“Humans are not the measure of things; we are only one measure among many.”

~ Gary L. Francione

Excerpt from: Equality and Similarity to Humans


Veganism is not a sacrifice…

It costs us so little to go vegan…


“It is only because we are speciesist that we are unable to see that it is equally absurd to deny that the killing of a nonhuman animal—even if the animal does not suffer—involves imposing a harm on the animal.

Go vegan and use creative, nonviolent means to teach others about veganism.”

– Gary L. Francione

Excerpt from: Context Makes All the Difference