Peavocado Toast

Peavocado Toast! It’s our new favourite lunch: the peas give a creamy sweetness to the dish and contrast with the acidity of the balsamic vinegar. This is a filling lunch, and a great post-workout refueller! It serves 2.


For the peavocado purée:
2 avocados
1 cup peas (defrosted if frozen)
1 large bunch basil
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
Pinch chilli flakes
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice

For the tomatoes: 
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tsp olive oil (optional) 
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 large tomatoes, sliced

Everything else: 
4 slices bread, toasted

1. Purée all the peavocado ingredients in a food processor or blender.
2. Meanwhile, mix the garlic, salt and pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and pour over the tomatoes. Heat a large frying pan over a medium low heat. Add the tomatoes and cook each side until slightly softened and coloured. 
3. Make the toast. Top with avocado and tomatoes, and enjoy.

Giant Couscous Salad with Dijon-Balsamic Vinaigrette

The finely chopped vegetables in this salad mean that the flavours of each meld better. The addition of dried fruit creates an interesting contrast with the peppery rocket. This serves 2 as a lunch or 4 as a side.


For the Salad

150g giant couscous, cooked according to package directions and allowed to cool*
100g bell peppers, finely chopped
1/2 red onion, finely chopped
50g sugarsnap peas, finely sliced
6 grape tomatoes, quartered
4 baby beetroot, cooked, and finely diced
30g dried apricots, finely chopped
1 tbsp dried cranberries
2 tbsp walnuts, toasted and chopped

For the Dressing
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp suitable-for-vegans Dijon mustard
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp water

To serve

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Mix all salad ingredients together.
2. Mix all dressing ingredients together.
3. Serve the salad on a bed of rocket with some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pour over the dressing to taste.

*If you can’t find giant couscous, use regular.

Rainbow Grainbowl with Balsamic Maple Mustard Dressing

A flavoursome and filling main dish that serves 2.


For the grainbowl

2 carrots, grated
1/4 red cabbage, grated
1 parsnip, grated
1 red onion, finely shredded
1/4 cucumber, finely sliced
1/2 red pepper, finely sliced
1/2 yellow pepper, finely sliced
1 avocado, sliced
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds, toasted
1 cup cold leftover grains (e.g. spelt, buckwheat, rice, quinoa)
4 large handfuls salad greens (e.g. rocket, spinach, watercress)

For the dressing

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp suitable-for-vegans Dijon Mustard


1. Layer the base of a bowl with salad greens.
2. Top with the shredded and sliced vegetables, with the avocado and seeds on top.
3. Sprinkle grains over.
4. Mix all dressing ingredients. Serve with salad as desired.