Commentary #18: A Step Backward, the Importance of Veganism and the misuse of “Abolition”

In this Commentary, Prof. Francione discusses several topics.
First, the announcement by the new welfarist Mercy for Animals that the retail giant Costco has taken a “step forward” by agreeing to market “humane” veal. Prof. Francione maintains that having animal advocates praise this as a “step forward” and characterizing the issue of eating veal (as opposed to all animal products) as an important issue is a step backward.
Second, he addresses the argument made by certain large organizations that because we cannot avoid animal products altogether, any baseline moral principle that we should adhere to veganism is just artificial “personal purity.”
Finally, he talks about the misuse of “abolition” by those who advocate welfare reform and violence.
He also talks about his book. The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation

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