Kiwi, blueberry frozen dessert

A simple, high carbohydrate, low fat dessert or breakfast with lovely shades of green and blue.


2 green kiwis
1 large frozen banana (about 1 cup)
1T lemon juice
2T agave nectar
2T frozen blueberries for garnish

Optional: 1t powdered maca


You can peel both kiwis or leave the skin on if you prefer kiwi this way, noting that it will change the finished
Slice one kiwi in 1/8″ slices for the garnish.
Puree the other kiwi with the banana, lemon juice and agave, as well as the maca if you use it.
Season to taste (with extra agave if necessary).
Return to the freezer for 10 minutes to setup.
Remove the mixture from the freezer and spoon into a martini glass or similar.
Garnish with the sliced kiwi and blueberries.

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