Crispy maitake mushroom poor boy with roasted kale and spicy sesame remoulade

A spicy, crispy and filling sandwich with a fluffy, freshly baked whole wheat bun. It’s important to use fresh maitake for this, and there’s no real substitute mushroom for this particular method.


For the bun
1 1/4 cup whole wheat bread flour
1/2 warm water
1/2T yeast
1/2T balsamic vinegar
A pinch sea salt
1/4t coarse yellow corn meal

Optional: I add 1t herbes de Provence, rubbed. Unbleached flour will give you an even fluffier bun, but at a cost to the flavour and nutrition of the dish.

For the mushrooms
1 cup fresh maitake mushrooms, hand torn into about 1/2″
to 1″ pieces
1T tamari
1T maple syrup
1t prepared brown mustard
1t green nori flakes
1/2T fresh garlic, minced
1/2t fresh ginger, grated and minced
A pinch sea salt

Optional: Whisk 1T cooking oil with the tamari and maple syrup for a richer flavour and a crispier texture.

For the breading
1/4 cup unsweetened plant milk
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup coarse yellow corn meal
1T smoked paprika powder
1/2T dried bay leaf, freshly ground
1t celery salt
1t dulse flakes
1/2t dried onion powder
1/4t crushed red chilis (or to taste)
1/4t black pepper, freshly ground
1/4t white pepper, freshly ground
1/4t dried, ground turmeric
1/4t dried, ground allspice
A pinch dried, ground nutmeg
A pinch dried, ground cloves
Coarse sea salt and additional pepper to taste

Optional: Add a pinch of cardamom if you have it.

For the kale
1 cup curly green kale, stemmed and coarsely chopped
1T nutritional yeast
Coarse sea salt to taste

For the remoulade
2T sesame seed butter (as opposed to tahini — I use a fairly traded brand)
1T unsweetened soy milk
1T white pickling vinegar (or to taste)
1t lemon juice
1/2T fresh garlic, minced
1/4t coarse sea salt
2T tomato passata (or tomato puree)
1T sriracha (or similar or to taste)
Coarse sea salt to taste

Optional: Use 2T sriracha and 1T tomato passata for something spicier. Use cashew butter for a slightly darker colour and sweeter taste.


Start the mushrooms, then the bun, then the remoulade.

Whisk the tamari, mustard and spices for the mushrooms and toss to coat. Cover and let stand at room temperature while you make the dough for the bun. Toss periodically.

Add the flour and sea salt to a small bowl. Mix the yeast and the warm water (be sure to follow the directions for your yeast regarding temperature). Let the yeast proof for about 5 minutes. Add the water and vinegar to the flour. Stir to combine until the dough forms.

On a floured board, knead until a smooth elastic dough forms and then knead for at least another 15 minutes.Kneading is important to the fluffiness of the bun. Cover with a warm, wet tea towel and let rise for at least an hour, periodically punching the dough down.

When the dough is ready, roll it out to an 8″ cylinder. Let the bun rise, very lightly covered with the tea towel for another 15 minutes. Preheat the oven to 500F. Heat is important to the fluffiness of the bun.

Sprinkle the corn meal onto a baking sheet. Add the dough carefully to the baking sheet and bake on the middle rack for approximately 12-18 minutes or until the dough is lightly browned. Ovens vary; use the temperature and texture of the
dough as a guide. When done, remove the bun from heat and cool on a wire rack.

While the bun cools, make the remoulade. Mix the sesame seed butter, lemon juice, garlic, and vinegar until the sesame is smooth and fluffy. You can also blend the ingredients in a small food processor if you prefer. Add the remaining ingredients for the remoulade and and mix until smooth. Cover and let stand for the flavours to mix until you’re ready to finish the dish.

With the bread cooling and the remoulade ready, mix the dry ingredients for the breading. For the mushrooms, you can use either a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, a silicone baking sheet if you have one, or you can always use
a lightly oiled, warmed baking sheet. If you’ll be using parchment paper, reduce the oven heat to 425F (or the temperature your paper is rated to). Otherwise, reduce to 450F. Preheat the oven accordingly.

Toss the mushrooms in the plant milk until well coated. Toss the mushrooms in the dry spice mixture until well coated. Let stand 5 minutes. Pour the remaining plant milk evenly over the mushrooms. Toss until almost all of the breading coats the mushrooms. Pack if necessary. Let stand 5 minutes. Add the breaded mushrooms in a smooth even layer to the baking sheet.

Bake until the mushrooms are crispy but not dry. Expect about 20 – 30 minutes depending on the method and your oven. Use the colour and texture as a guide. Add the kale at the 10 minute mark and roast with the mushrooms. The kale will be done when it’s soft and a vibrant green. Remove the kale separately if it finishes more quickly.

When the mushrooms are done, remove from heat. Toss the kale with the nutritional yeast. Slice the bun carefully. Season the mushrooms, remoulade, and kale to taste. Spread about 1T remoulade on the bottom of the bun. Add the kale in a smooth, even layer. Pack down into the bun. Add the mushrooms. Add the remaining remoulade on top.
Add the top of the bun, and push down lightly, and serve.

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