Chia Jam

This jam has three ingredients and takes 15 minutes to put together. While chia seeds are pricier than other ingredients we regularly use, they go a long way, and they’re packed with nutrients. This jam is much lower in sugar than shop bought varieties, and you can control the sweetness yourself–forego the sweetener altogether, if you prefer!

We made a large batch of this jam, but feel free to scale it down; you don’t need to be overly precise.

400g frozen mixed berries
2 tbsp suitable-for-vegans sweetener (or to taste)
2.5 tbsp chia seeds, or as desired

1. Heat the frozen berries in a saucepan over a medium heat until they’ve defrosted; lower the heat and simmer until softened (about 10 minutes). 
2. Stir in the sweetener, to taste. 
3. Add the chia seeds, stirring in just 4 tbsp at first. Leave for 5 minutes, and if you prefer a thicker jam, then stir in the other tbsp. Stay tuned until tomorrow to see one of our favourite ways to use this jam.