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Commentary #15: The Tide Is Turning

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione discusses whether the tide is turning in favor of creative, nonviolent abolitionist-vegan advocacy. His guests are Roger Yates, who is an adjunct lecturer in sociology at University College, Dublin and Vincent J. Guihan, a doctoral student at Canada’s Carleton University and a person who has a finely-tuned sense […]

Commentary #17: Discussion with Ronnie Lee and Roger Yates

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary Francione discusses a number of topics with Ronnie Lee, who founded the Band of Mercy in 1972 and the Animal Liberation Front in 1976, and Roger Yates, an adjunct lecturer in sociology at University College, Dublin. Prof. Francione is opposed to all violence and does not support militant direct action. […]

Commentary #18: A Step Backward, the Importance of Veganism and the misuse of “Abolition”

In this Commentary, Prof. Francione discusses several topics. First, the announcement by the new welfarist Mercy for Animals that the retail giant Costco has taken a “step forward” by agreeing to market “humane” veal. Prof. Francione maintains that having animal advocates praise this as a “step forward” and characterizing the issue of eating veal (as […]