Commentary #5: On Violence

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione discusses the issue of violence. He regards violence as inherently immoral and has discussed that issue often, including in the following essays:……

Commentary #10: World Vegan Day- Nov 1, 2009

In this Commentary, Prof. Francione reflects on the state of the vegan movement. The bad news: the large welfare corporations have done a great deal to marginalize veganism. The good news: we have seen the growth of the abolitionist movement, which views veganism as the moral baseline, rejects welfare reform and single-issue campaigns, and considers veganism as essential to any coherent theory of nonviolence.

Commentary #12: The World Is Vegan-if you want it!

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione discusses the virtual billboard campaign, which focuses on empowering advocates with a positive message that change is possible and that we have the responsibility to effect that change. It is time to reject the vegan bashing that has become the central focus of the welfarist movement.

Commentary #13: Analysis of First Segment of “Animals and Us”

On December 31, 2009, the BBC World Service broadcast the first segment of the two-part program One Planet: Animals and Us. This program was hosted by Victor Schonfeld, who did the highly influential The Animals Film in 1982. The Animals Film was among the first—if not the first—film to reveal how humans actually treated nonhumans. Animals and Us involves Schonfeld’s return to the topic 27 years later to ask whether anything has changed since 1982. The first segment dealt primarily with the use of animals for food and focused on factory farming.
In this Commentary, sociology instructor Roger Yates, NZ Podcast Producer Elizabeth Collins, and Prof. Gary L. Francione discuss and critique this first segment.