Jicama, zucchini, and carrot noodle bowl with peanut sauce

Sweet and spicy, with dulse, nori, and sun-dried tomatoes, this is a light but flavourful dish. This makes a small bowl for 4 or a larger one for 2. You’ll need a mandoline or spiralizer to cut the noodles.


For the dressing
2T sun-dried tomatoes (dehydrated, not jarred)
1 ‘sprig’ dried kombu, about 1″
3T warm but not hot water
2T unsweetened, unsalted peanut butter
1T red miso
1T lemon juice

For the noodles
2 cups jicama, peeled and spiral cut
1 1/2 cups zucchini, trimmed and spiral cut
1 cup carrots, trimmed and spiral cut
2 scallions, minced (3″ – 4″ reserved for garnish)
1T fresh garlic, minced
1t fresh ginger, grated and minced
1/4t dried red chilis
Coarse sea salt and chili to taste

For the garnish
Scallion green sliced on an angle (as above)
2t nori flakes
1t purple dulse flakes

Optional: Add some fresh greens, shredded cabbage and/or diced tomato for additional nutrition.


Soak the sun-dried tomatoes and kombu together for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. While the tomatoes and kombu soak, spiral cut the jicama, carrots and zucchini, and then let the noodles dry in a clean tea towel.

After 30 minutes, remove and discard the kombu but not the soaking water. Remove, squeeze, and mince the sun-dried tomatoes. Whisk the rest of the dressing ingredients with the remaining water.

Pat the noodles dry. Garnish with the dressing, scallions and sea vegetables. Season to taste and serve.