Yellow potatoes roasted with thyme, sumac and black salt

Commonly used in the Mediterranean, sumac adds a unique, sweet and sour flavour and a beautiful red colour to dishes. This recipe easily doubles and makes a nice accompaniment to kale, collards, arugula, spinach, or other greens as a side dish or potato salad.


4 small yellow potatoes (about 2″ diameter), quartered
2T of olive oil (reserve about half a T for oiling the pan)
2t of lemon juice
1T of garlic, minced
1/4t of coarse sea salt
1/4t of black salt
1/2T of fresh thyme, stemmed, or 1/2t of dried thyme, rubbed
1t of dried sumac
1/4t of black pepper
Additional sea salt and black pepper to taste


Preheat the oven for 450F
Mix everything but the potatoes in a small bowl.
Add the spice mixture to the potatoes and toss, coating evenly.
Lightly oil an oven pan and heat the pan in the oven for about 1 minute to warm the oil
Add the potatoes to the pan.
Roast on the middle rack for 10 minutes at 450F, stirring at 5 minutes.
Reduce the heat to 375F and roast for another 25-35 minutes until the potatoes are lightly browned and fork tender.
Stir every 10 minutes to promote even browning.
Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes to cool.
Add any additional sea salt or black pepper.

Garnish with a sprig of thyme and a little extra sumac to add colour to the presentation. Substitute dill for the thyme or minced scallions for the garlic to soften the dish. Dress with a mix of 1T of sesame seed butter (tahini), 1t of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt for additional flavour and richesse.