Going vegan is easy.

Veganism deprives us of absolutely nothing…

If you think it’s difficult to be vegan…


New Welfarism Fails on its Own Terms



Going vegan is not about you…


“The only justification we have for imposing terrible suffering (under the most ‘humane’ conditions) and death on 56 billion land animals and an unknown but probably equally staggering number of fish and other aquatic animals, is that they taste good. We engage in this mind-boggling slaughter of animals for reasons of pleasure, amusement and convenience. Consuming animals for no good reason is an important part of the daily life of most people. In fact, many people regard this completely unnecessary infliction of horrendous suffering and death as an important tradition; something that is integral to our supposed ‘human exceptionalism.’ ”

~ Gary L. Francione

Excerpt from: Why Veganism Must Be the Baseline


If you consume animal products…

Going vegan is easy.


Donald Watson (1910-2005), co-founder of the Vegan Society in the U.K. and the person who coined the term “vegan” in response to the consumption and use of dairy and other animal products by “vegetarians,” was a remarkable person who was very far ahead of his time.

In 2002, George D. Rodger of the Vegan Society did a four-hour interview of Watson. He has graciously provided the unabridged transcript (various abridged forms have been published/posted), which was approved by Watson. Please feel free to pass this on but only in its complete form.

We also have available the first issue of The Vegan News, which inaugurated the Vegan Society in 1944.

For those interested in the history of veganism, these are invaluable materials.

  • Gary L. Francione

From: Source Materials on Donald Watson

Veganism is restricting?


Commentary #19: Talking With Non-Vegans About Veganism: Five Principles

In this Commentary, I address a topic that I have been asked to cover by a number of you: how do we talk with non-vegans about veganism?

I present five general principles.

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When you eat next…


A Response To PETA’s Position On “Happy” Or “Humane” Exploitation



Don’t make suffering…


“This ‘happy’ exploitation nonsense represents a very big step backward.People are never going to go vegan if they believe that they can exploit morally.

  • Gary L. Francione

Excerpt from: The Friendly Face of Torture, Death, and Animal Exploitation