Baked Beans

Simple, hearty, and nutritious, these beans make for a perfect breakfast with some toast.

1 can cannellini beans
1 can tomatoes (we won’t use it all)
1/4-1/2 tsp suitable-for-vegans sweetener (to taste)
1/4 tsp salt
Freshly ground black pepper
4 slices suitable-for-vegans bread, toasted

1. Meanwhile, empty the beans and their liquid into a saucepan. Add the juice from a can of tomatoes and stir. 
2. Bring to a simmer for about 5 minutes until slightly thickened. Add a tomato from the can, crushed between your hands, to thicken if necessary–alternatively, you can use a couple of tbsp of tomato purée if available. 
3. Meanwhile, make the toast. 
4. Add the sugar, to taste, and the salt. Season with freshly ground black pepper and serve, reserving half of the recipe for tomorrow’s lunch.