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Sweet Chilli and Lime Yuba

A very easy, quick, and cheap lunch that serves 4. If you don’t have a spiraliser, you can use a vegetable peeler to create ribbons with the vegetables and cook them in the same way.    Ingredients: 500g yuba (tofu skin, fresh or rehydrated) 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 inch piece ginger, grated 4 courgettes, […]

Tortilla Pinwheels

These Unfried Black Bean Tortilla Pinwheels take just minutes to make. If you want the pinwheels to be more firm, though, leave them in the fridge to set for an hour or two. Serves 2. Ingredients: 1 onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 jalapeño pepper, minced 1 red pepper, roasted (I used one […]

Irish Colcannon

Colcannon is an Irish staple that can be cooked with either kale or cabbage, and it can be served as a a side or a main dish. This version is easy, cheap, quick, and nutritious. It serves 4 as a side. Ingredients: 5 medium potatoes 100g kale, finely chopped 1 bunch scallions (green onions), green […]

Sweet Tomato Soup

If you want a really simple lunch, this Sweet Tomato Soup will remind you of those comforting canned tomato soups that you were served as a child–but with fewer heavily refined ingredients. This makes 2 large bowls. Ingredients: 1 red onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 400 ml vegetable broth 2 cans (400g each) tomatoes […]

Bulgur Wheat Pilau with Spicy Mushrooms

Inspired by East African flavours, this Bulgur Wheat Pilau with Spicy Mushrooms is full of warming spices, and the pilau, if cooled and stored properly, will make for a great packed lunch. Serves 4-6. For the Mushrooms: Ingredients: 250g Portabello mushrooms, sliced 200ml apple juice 50 ml soy sauce 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tbsp […]

Sweetcorn and Chickpea Fritters

The best thing about these easy fritters is that you you can change the flavour profile easily by adding different combinations of spices. The recipe calls for a food processor, but you can easily make these with a masher instead. This recipe makes 8 fritters. Ingredients: 285g (drained weight) sweetcorn 240g (drained weight) cooked chickpeas […]

Gur Cake

Gur Cake is a traditional Dublin cake, popular in working class communities. The cake was made from bakery leftovers, so it was always the cheapest item in the shop. It’s a thick slab of spiced, fruity bread pudding sandwiched between two thin layers of shortcrust pastry. Ingredients For the pastry: 250g plain flour 1/2 tsp […]